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SEE – 31st October – GOODWOOD REVERED Etc … 50 years on …

& 8th October – Bicester Heritage final Scramble of the year!

16th – 17th Watergate Bay Sprint, Cornwall

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SHAKEDOWN – 7th September BRDC Members track day Silverstone GP.

We shook down the N1a last week Silverstone GP in 32 deg C.

About 40 laps. Really wonderful but lots of refining to do. Such fun.

Huge huge performance neverending acceleration from the Langford Chevrolet.

Chassis perfectly loyal & supportive! So far … start to ask real questions soon!

Now we must make it road usable – a different story!



our first big presentation, albeit PRIVATE, is at the BRDC SILVERSTONE HISTORIC RACING FESTIVAL 24th – 27th August 2023 at the BRDC Clubhouse, Silverstone Circuit. We look forward to greeting old friends and new to show off Steve Nichols’s latest development. In particular, we look forward to meeting again so many BRDC Members who we know will be so chuffed to take privately a much closer look.

The N1A was inspired by the McLaren M1a from 1964 which went on to spawn the great CAN-AM series, but designed using all today’s modern techniques. Steve’s enthusiasm born of his days at McLaren when he introduced carbon-fibre from US space work to single seater GP cars. and went on to create one of the most successful race cars of all time for GP World Champions Alain Prost & Ayrton Senna, the McLaren MP4/4.

Get your tickets for this amazing Festival now from the SILVERSTONE HISTORIC FESTIVAL pages here … see you there …

Our first open public event is 8th October at one of those Bicester Scramblers presentations. You need ….

8 OCT How to join the October Scramble 2023 presale


Sun, 8 Oct, 09:00–16:00

Bicester Heritage
A4421, Launton, Bicester

Flywheel might still be days away – but there’s no standing still: tickets to October’s Scramble are available now to Merlin and Pegasus members. The event takes place on Sunday 8 October, between…Read more on Scramblers – Bicester Heritage

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Absorbing stuff ….

Every so often during life’s highs & lows, you come across some genius people with a genius idea. This maybe coming across to me in later life, but it’s solid there in your face right now – THE most visceral experiences I ever enjoyed in my lifetime came from mostly open single or two seater pure racing cars; those and big engined MV, Suzuki & Kawasaki superbikes …

The common denominators which rings my bell so loudly is ‘open air, unfettered power’ and ‘hair trigger responses’, add to that ‘balance’, ‘anticipation’ & ‘commitment – normally to soonest widest possible throttle openings, oh, and competition adds a bit of an edge – so in my final analysis of unfinished ambitions, Steve Nichols & John J Minett so perfectly qualified, have produced the rawest reiteration that satisfies the ringing of that bell.

Delving into his notorious past is McLaren F1 engineer-designer, Nichols famed for his work with Grand Prix World Champions Alain Prost and Ayton Senna & their super-successful McLaren MP4/4, coupled to life-long automotive engineering mate John J – together they have made the most pure blooded driving machine you can invent.

Based on an original McLaren race car from Bruce McLaren himself, I am/we are so delighted to see the forthcoming Barchetta open two seater based upon Bruce’s Can Am V8 engined race car from the 60s.The Can Am McLaren originated as a hugely powerful race car only; Nichols’s is an extremely limited production road car.

We submit …

The concept maybe from Can Am McLaren racers from the 60s with a big bang brutal V8 at it’s heart, in every detail, it’s right up to date. Beautifully crafted monocoque and wind tunnelled chiseled body to a perfect standard; every last detail honed from solid block aluminium and cockpit materials the best they can use. Add to that with more specialists engineers involved in suspension, transmission and finishing, that bring with them track records beyond compare.

The road going prototypes did their cut & shut jobs. The finished N1a article is, as this is written, just days away. For a few of us. this is a dream car from a dream team producing the absolute final word in responsive automobiles.

If you’d enjoy further details and how this may work for you, please get in touch with me – John Morrison on 07767 277775 & johnmorrison@harddrivers.ukMV


Many of you will have heard of the McLaren MP4/4, the most successful F1 car of all time. In the hands of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost it won 15 out of 16 races during the 1988 season. You might not of heard of it’s designer however ! Steve Nichols has a stella career in motorsport, not only was he chief designer of the MP4/4 but he also played a key role in bringing carbon fibre to F1 and worked closely of Ayrton Senna. Well now he is part of an unbelievable team, headed by John Minett, that have produced the Nichols N1A. A modern representation of the first McLaren ever, the Elva M1A. In this first of a series of videos I chat to John and Steve about the inspiration behind the car and explore the details that make it so exciting. Stay tuned for more in this series…


In Episode 2 of my Making the Nichols N1A we take a look at the first production chassis and tell a story about the development of the Lotus Elise you will have never heard ! I talk to Bob Mustard from Stalcom who is a leader in the field of bonded aluminium extrusion car chassis construction about his fascinating career and his work on the Nichols N1A chassis. We link Land Rover, the Lotus Elise, Aston Martin, the electric London taxi and the N1A. Then we get to take a look at the first production chassis before it gets shipped to the next stage of assembly.


Over the last few months I have been following the development of the Nichols N1A and in this episode we find out what is involved in crafting the bodywork of a supercar. From 3D scanning the development car, to creating a complete CAD 3D model from which the tooling can be made. I head to APH3G and catch up with owner Andy who talks us through the process.

I have been following the development of the Nichols N1A sports car for the last year. I this episode we learn just what connects Ayrton Senna, the McLaren F1, the Metro 6R4 Group B rally car, the Bugatti Veyron and Sir Lewis Hamilton. The Nichols cars team has some new members with incredible backgrounds. In the video we meet John Morrison who has joined to head up sales. John was a very successful racing driver, winning the Rolex Daytona 24 Hour and racing in GT1. He was also responsible for selling both the McLaren F1 and Bugatti Veyron when they came to market. Then I welcome back Steve Nichols himself and Richard Hurdwell to talk about the suspension of the N1A. Richard was involved in the active ride program for Lotus F1 and worked on the Metro 6R4 with one of my rally heros Tony Pond ! Finally we meet Oz Metcalfe, the fabrication genius who is making the suspension components. Oz worked for McLaren F1 for 30 years and was Lewis Hamilton’s mentor. Subscribe: