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This one marque was pretty much the back bone of my working career, dates as above.

Worked for 4 major UK retail motor distributorships during this time that each featured Porsche heavily. A time also of good personal growth from a good junior racer coming to the conclusion that at 27, I was unlikely to be able to earn a living (at that time) as a racer. It wasn’t a conscious decision but I had to get serious about earning a living (I’d already endured a failed marriage though so personal perspectives had to change).

Porsche pre-amble

I first became aware of Porsche from early on when in 1967, I transported local racer Robin Searle & his Gp2 970 Mini Cooper S to Nurburgring for a European Touring Car round at the Nurburgring. I’d previously visited the ‘Ring with Dad on a summer holiday touring jaunt when we completed a 14.7 mile lap. And when the Europeans then came to visit the UK at Snetterton, some of these trick Porsche 911 were also there. They sounded just spectacular, most of the one’s were racing against ran 906 flat 6 race motors and made one unique noise. On the way back to the south from that Snetterton round on the road just down from the circuit, Terry Hunter came passed us flat chat in the car that had just done 3 hours racing. Sounded like all Le Mans and – a completely unforgettable racket.

I’d really not got into the relevance of the Porsche marque back then as they appeared a small German specialist company that loved racing with this proclivity for small air cooled motors, mounted in the rear of the cars. In any case my experiences at that time were confined to my Ford Anglia 105E and the Jaguar marque which you might recall had a pretty shabby name for producing unreliable shrapnel in the main all be they quick ( I can tell you some stories about early E Types) but all this was not cutting much ice to my mind despite C Types & D Types being able to do their stuff internationally. I recall Porsche at Goodwood in the small prototype sports car class – hardly serious then! A lesser-Lotus maybe, as they had a pop at F1 but came no where near cutting it. They weren’t in the same class as Jaguar, Aston Martin, Ferrari etc & I heard they were class winners at the Le mans 24 hours … but that soon began to change as the 911 began it’s amazing life around that time along with good looking racers like 550 Spyder developed into something obviously quite quick and attracted some good names to their driver list. If you find it elsewhere in this scrapbook, I came across an early 911 which had started life around 1964, while working at Malaya Garage circa 1968 – it was green and as ugly as a frog. A year or two later when back at Moores of Brighton, Peter Betteridge took an off white 356 C Coupe in p/ex and I did get a chance to deliver it to Lionel Scott our best trade man at the time and that drive suddenly took my attention. Mmm I thought, this is responsive …

Also around this period my racing interests were growing stronger so that when the sleek 904 & Carrera 6 models were looking good on track, I began to take notice. Their prodigious & super-light 2 litre hill climb sports racer also made it’s mark in my head because it was going head to head with some established & successful race car companies like Ferrari & Abarth. The period 1972 – 1978 I went racing more or less which I deal with here in my Supervee & Sports 2000 pages.

1978 Dick Lovett Specialist Cars Limited – Swindon, Marlborough OPC

1986 Brumos Porsche OPC, Audi, – Atlanta Georgia

1988 Little Aston Porsche OPC – Little Aston, Sutton Coldfield

1990 Evan Halshaw Porsche OPC Little Aston