John Morrison’s HARDDRIVERS….


WELCOME to this, my extreme auto-enthusiast’s blog site …

If you can make head or tail of how to navigate this scrapbook, you’re doing a better job than I. But basically, if you on the right you get a smattering of subjects and pages. Click on this or any of 60 or so incomplete pages, or go the the ‘Blog’ page for the last & latest, you should get one of three main chapters I think now, covering (thinly) some of the highlights of interest for myself, going back many years. That’s many years racing, living and working motor marques & showroom. By all means take a look around. Didn’t want to take it all with me. Comments or contact via me at It may well take me a few years to fill in all the holes, and fill it all out correctly but hey, I now have the time … (update – I don’t have time right now. See Steve & the Nichols N1a updates. Now full time assist in Sales & Marketing to the point I hope we can progress to a facility at Silverstone. Watch this space … )))